So Spoon Me

Call me crazy, but I do not see why people have problems with sharing eating utensils with other people.

But they're willing to share pretty much everything else. Like

"HEY IS THAT A SANDWICH YOU'RE EATING?! Can I have a bit---RAWR! Chomp chomp chomp!"

Or licking someone else's icecream cone.

Or sipping out of someone else's cup.

But in particular eating their sandwich, I don't know, that just meant the most to me.

Personally I don't have a problem with it at all. Unless I can see bad breath terminating from them, or they're slobbery or something...

{This is a lesson in proof reading. See above, it says 'terminating' and I meant to say 'emanating' but Google spell check automatically changed it to 'terminating'. Ah well. Might as well be 'terminating'.)

I just know that people are very willing to share their sandwiches with me, and they freak out when I steal their spoons.

I was mostly just thinking about this because I'm in my room doing last minute work that has to get done because I took 3 days off of life and for some reason that means you have to do stuff to make up for it or whatever... So yeah. Writing lots of poetry and junk like that. And maybe 3-5 book reports. Just depends on whether I find out if they're due tomorrow or not, or whether I care that much for 5 points a paper. 

I dunno. We'll see.

OH! And I may or may not have forgotten that 'meals' exist, so yeah I'm eating chips with a spoon. Because there was a bag of chips in my room. And a spoon. 

Going to the doctor tomorrow to get my ear checked out! I was talking to my parents today and this is went down 

Lara (<-- HEY! That's me!): Mah ear hurts.
Mom: Well at least you're feeling better.
Lara: Like no my ear really hurts. It's ringing. And feels funny. And it's driving me insane. 
Mom: Maybe you have an ear infection. You have to go to the doctor!
Lara: NO!
Mom: YES!
Lara: NO!
Mom: It's gonna perforate your ear drum!
Lara: NO!
Lara: I'll just fight it like they do in pioneer days
Dad: Yeah... because in pioneer days they go deaf. 
Lara: Dad! Where'd you come from?
Mom: Got to the doctor!

Yeah that's pretty much what went down. Then I decided that I didn't want the last thing I hear to be 

Skippin some sort of class tomorrow. Gonna get my ear drums un perforated. 


Kat Ly said...

Bahahahha "Lara (<-- HEY! That's me!): Mah ear hurts." I like the "HEY! That's me!" part.


Disneyland with Lara Jean? I'm SO down for that... now hurry up and invent magic! & yesss, winter drumline & drumline during marching season:D Yay, we're bandos!! Well.. wait, no I wasn't in band, I was in DL so I'm a drumo? DRUMO!:)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha oh that made me laugh out loud!! You're so awesome, Lara!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

My HUSBAND is like this with ME! hahaha Can you believe that?! I always tell him... you are delusional, you do know that we kiss and stuff right? haha

Lissa Clair said...

not even going to lie, i used to be like that and then i got married and my husband made me grow out of it!

chip said...

Ugh. The doctor is no fun, they're like, "Hi, I'm going to poke at you and tell you something's wrong with you and you're too old for the lollipops TOO BAD."