Dignity: Insulted

I love stats. I used to be a stats major. I love to look at my blog stats. 

I love mostly to see the searches that brought people to my blog. So here we go,

The 2011 Most Intriguing Blog Stats.

Walking down the isle we see Traffic Sources in a modest, classy, timeless red number, sporting acid reflux causes and symptoms shoes. Now we don't see that every year, do we! 

Following close behind, is Search Keywords, taking a few hints from the top stylists this year! Including "Plae", after all, isn't "Place" sooo last year? 

And the crowd goes silent. As the most stunning and shocking search keyword makes it's way down the isle. There is no way to tell how folks at home will react to this! It was a rather controversial topic, the outfit this one chose to go with.

Exactly how can college make someone little minded? Or perhaps a better question would be, how did such a keyword lead them to this blog? Or how did such a key word lead TWO searches to my blog?

Folks, stay tuned for next season's exciting event! Thank you all for coming!


Erin said...

I have the same acidreflux one! So rude, spammers.

chip said...

I have to confess, mine was the 'nell polish' one.