I stayed up late last night reading.

My English class, Children's Literature, has given me a new love of reading. And so I do that now all the time. I feel bad that I let books get away from me these last 2 years, but now they're some of my best friends.

I finished reading Bridge To Terabithia, and realized...

Well I realized that the author of that book changed the world. The book touched my heart, and reading it when I was young taught me lessons, I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

You can change the world by writing.

And I feel that to some extent.... maybe I can change the world. I really want to. I want to meet new people and to change their lives, and to see new places and to move a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert and let the desert be different because I moved that grain of sand... and no one else did. So I changed the world.

And I fell asleep and wrote a haiku in my sleep.

Here you go!

Trees at night rustle 
Shaking hands as if to say
Good night and thank you. 


megan danielle said...

ooh ill have to read that one!! im in childrens lit too and have to read soooo many books, im pretty much loving it

Brittany said...

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close <3