We fully intended to go camping this weekend, really. 

I've been having inner conflict about this whole "become an adventurer" thing. Adventuring sounds kinda tiring and involves cleaning and effort and I mean... come on... Netflix! But two weekends ago I was in a mood for Bear Lake. We realized that was a little unrealistic since we'd get to Bear Lake at maybe midnight, and that's with a foot to the floor driving attitude, what with the time I get off work and the time it takes to get anywhere after that.

So we decided just to head up to Huntsville, up in the mountains. My sweet husband spent all of Friday shopping and getting ready for our camp out. We drove up there... and would you believe it, every campsite was full.

Yes. It was a let down. However, I've decided not to care about a lot of things anymore. I watched one of my kids throw a fit at "lunch in the park" when they grabbed white milk mistakenly, wanting chocolate milk. They were so upset. The day was ruined because they didn't get chocolate. One of my co-workers asked what was wrong, and the sobbing child told her. The co-worker tried not to laugh and said "Well dear, I think we'll chalk this up to 'worse things have happened'. You'll be ok." 

Stressing and being upset was just ruining my day, so I've decided to stop doing that kinda stuff for the most part, where I can help it. And this was one of those instances.

So taping our smiles back onto our faces, we drove back home with a full car, got out the tent and the air mattress, turned on the oven to 450, and we camped in our house. With tinfoil dinners in the oven and s'mores in the microwave. And we watched Netflix all night, so it really was the best of both worlds!

There was a moment of guilt for me with our crickets. We went to buy some for Tomato since the ungrateful lizard will only eat those hoppers. However, it was a bad idea to leave the bag full of them in the car when we went to get our groceries. We came back out to find all 40 of them dead, fried to death. And it was embarrassing to go back to the pet store to get more. It's ironic how a Tomato, in this situation, eats crickets, instead of the other way around.

There's a heart breaking Dachshund in the pet store, a foster pet. I want to own it so bad. It looks like it's been through a lot in life, and looks so sad. And it's not just the nature of dachshunds that makes it look sad, it really looks like it's had its heart broken. It makes me so upset to see it. I wish we had a house so we could buy it.

Hmm... this weekend we're flying to Colorado! I'm so excited. Those mountains. That clean air. And airplanes. I love airplanes. I'm so grateful for my amazing in-laws who are really really REALLY helping us out in affording plane tickets out. And Amy will be giving her farewell address on Sunday! I'm excited to see her and give her hurrahs as she heads off on such an amazing step in life.

Well, that's pretty much all I can think of to write on right now! So go! Go away! The post is over! Go home! Or read some other posts.

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