About You

Get ready to open a can of worms on me! Or not. Whatever you want. But I want to hear about you!

1. What is your name?
2. What are two random facts about you?
3. What is a secret you have never told anyone before?
4. What is your blog URL?
5. And how did you find my blog?

Thanks loves. Have a good day!


chip said...


2)1}I like to climb trees. 2}I once was Cassie from Dragon Tales for Halloween.

3)When I was little I met the president in my dream and he was wearing a purple hat. I ate the hat.


5)Stumbled upon it from Megan's!

♥ saffie said...

1] Saffieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (no, only one 'e')
2] i can read for days non-stop (almost correct, i like to sleep, eat and visit the bathroom inbetween) & i love self-designed converse shoes
3] three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead....
4] www.footprintsforthefuture.blogspot.com
5] i stumbled across it when i was dying of boredom

baileysmall said...

1. bailey j
2. i can fit my fist in my mouth and iv been to 7 countries total in the last 2 years.
3. if i told you id have to kill you. thats a lie. but im not a secretive person, im mostly boring and what you see if what you get.
4. www.themiddlex.blogspot.com
5. i found your blog through [im]perfect. :)

and your blog is great and random and seems to be 100% you which is awesome.

Kira said...

1) Kira
2) I'm starting a band! We're gonna be cool. Also, I'm studying to become a Music Therapist.
3) I don't even know if I have secrets. Because don't they have to be kept to be secrets? Yeah. I tell people stuff. Mostly everything.
4) http://gnombre.blogspot.com/
5) Magic. Actually I'm not sure. I Believe in Unicorns maybe? However it was, I'm glad!

Michael said...

1 | Michael
2 | I have eaten Dog and Field Mouse. I also am scary good at shopping for women's clothes... a gift seldom used.
3 | I never gave you that hug that one time I should have, and I kind of regret it.
4 | http://cheeringdevelopment.wordpress.com/
5 | Imma say FB.