Deep Waters

Every now and then I do something really stupid or really normal, and sometimes both... and it winds up being a deep thought in my head. The problem is making it a deep thought out side of my head and not just a stupid remark. Ok. So. I don't really like food too much. I eat because I have to and I get in trouble if I don't... but it's one of those things I just generally don't enjoy too much. This is why. One day I was reading Twilight (OH EM GEE TWILIGHT AHHH!!! FAN GIRL!!!!) This was a long long time ago, 2-3 years, and I was reading them for the first time. Bella is a freak and spends more time than is healthy describing stupid things. And I happened to be reading a part where she was describing his teeth. They were glistening. (Does his entire body glisten? Gross.) Anyways. The thought crossed my mind that I wanted beautiful pearly whites. And I looked down and saw my hands were full of junk food and I had a cup of juice on the table. No way was I going to get perfect shiny teeth eating that. So I put down the food and picked up a toothbrush. Now I like having clean teeth. I love it so much. And it's gotten to the point where I just love the feel of clean teeth so much I can't stand having the taste of food there. As soon as I'm done eating I have to brush my teeth. Being a college student, this is tricky... seeing as how I don't carry around a tooth brush. Here is where it gets deep. Some foods leave a terrible taste in my mouth. They taste pretty good, but the second I'm done eating, it tastes horribly awful and I just want to claw my tongue out. Some foods are actually ok. I eat it, and I can go a few hours with out brushing my teeth (that's a long time.) What foods are horrible? Well, it's following a trend. The foods that taste ok at first but later leave you with a literal bad taste in your mouth are the unhealthy foods. Sure they're good at first, but you pay for it later. And the good aftertaste foods? You guessed it. The foods that are good for you. Fruits and vegetables mainly. How is this deep? Somethings in life just automatically look good. And you want them. And you even enjoy them. That's the whole point... you're supposed to like it. But afterward you find yourself wondering if it was really worth it? And you get to the point that you're metaphorically clawing your tongue out. The other foods, I mean... they're ok. We're born hating things that are green just because. So maybe they don't look like the funnest party on the block. But it's something you can do and actually live with yourself after doing. And in the long run, it pays off. Because not only do fruits and stuff make your mouth feel good, they make your body look great, and your tummy thanks you and your brain is happy. So next time you're faced with a choice... just think... "Is the aftertaste worth it?" That ended up sounding less cool than I though and almost stupid. Throw rotten food at me as you will.


Kellie said...

Wow, deep thoughts. I raised my girl right. You have always liked the healthy fruits and veggies the most anyway, admit it. :) Remember grazing in the back yard garden? Picking whatever veggies were ripe at the time?

Kaitlin Graff said...

Hahaha I loved that!

chip said...

But the aftertaste of cookies are the best! Only with milk afterwards, of course.