What happens by the train station... ends up in this blog.

Tuesday morning (not the store... the actual morning of Tuesday...) was a good day. I had my scooter for the first time at college. It had new shiny green electric tape handle bars. And it was clean too! I ride a Quick Kick 2000. When I was little, scooters were broomsticks. I'm talking Harry Potter. The Quick Kick was like unto the Nimbus... but man... you couldn't beat the Razor a.k.a. Firebolt. But for college, the Quick Kick was ok. Perhaps this memory had something to do with my train of thought that morning... waiting for the train... ahha... get it...? The guard rails go down, and the siren goes off, signaling the train approaching. I look at my fake watch (again... I don't have a watch and I don't know why my subconscious thinks I do...) and I whisper "Right on time." Who says that?! Only book characters do. I swear. I'm crazy. Across the way, waiting for a different train, a student walks by and purchases a ticket. People don't normally do that. People usually know that they never check for tickets. People waiting by the stadium especially! We always have our UID card! So why was she buying a ticket? Of course I assume the super natural is afoot. The girl walks behind the ticket machine and DISAPPEARS! I'm not even kidding! I have come to the conclusion that certain special tickets get you on to platform 9 3/4. Then of course, I rode my scooter down a little ways and saw that she was just standing behind the ticket machine in the shade. Now I feel sheepish that I thought that. I also feel sheepish that I don't really know what sheepish means. I'm superstitious, burn me at the stake as you will. In other news, my scooter works really well, and is a good form of exercise! For half of me. So half of my butt will look pretty good. The other half is going to have to find another means of fitness.


Kellie said...

I am laughing to the point of tears over this one. Lara's ultimate fantasy, to find the entrance to Diagon Alley. And darn, it alludes her again. I love you. You are so cute.

chip said...

Wouldn't she have to run into the wall? And the Nimbus is pretty cool, but I have to brag and say that I have a blue Firebolt. And you should get one too cause they're THE BEST.