The little things

I'm sorry I'm sorry... I've sorta been taking a break from the 'funny' as you can tell. And people don't like to read my stuff unless I'm stupid. So I promise the next post will be OMGLOLROFL funny. Deal? Deal. (Crap I have to come up with that now...) Right now I'd just like to celebrate something! Today is September 9th, and it marks the day that my best friend and boyfriend Joshua Brian Rice has been gone for 9 months. That rocks, no? I want to share some memories. Josh is just so incredibly sweet to me. I'd been around other guys, dates and stuff like that... and things just didn't feel as relaxed and comfortable as they did when I was with Josh. Talking to him was just like talking to my family members, conversation was always going. There are a lot of things I remember about our time we had together. But right now I want to dwell on those little moments that seem forgettable. I remember trying to figure out how to braid his short hair while he sat on the couch reading dating tips that I had printed off for him listening to him laugh. I remember all of his cheesy pick up lines, and how he delivered them with such confidence. Me: (Looking at Snow Basin) "Wow! Look at that view, isn't it beautiful?" Joshua: (Looking at me) "Yeah... oh and the mountains are nice too..." I remember sitting in my tree house on the 4th of July watching fireworks telling secrets to each other all night long. I remember driving around in his car with him, singing along with Jason Mraz and slaughtering every note I tried to hit. I remember mentioning one night that I had a hard day, and the next morning I found a Teddy Bear with 24 roses on my doorstep at 6am. I remember dancing to music that wasn't playing, when he found out I was actually pretty ticklish. And it wound up with me sitting on the ground pouting because I couldn't fight back. I remember driving to the store for the first time without my mom with him in the car to buy flour. I remember making spaghetti sauce and accidentally buying spicy sausage... so it was spicy spaghetti. And Brian loved it. I remember making Mexican food and he told me to put basalmic vinegar in the salsa, and I put it in the chicken. It turned out great. I remember making dinner for my siblings on my parent's anniversary when they went out, and Josh shouted to them "Remember who you are!" as they walked out the door. I remember watching him sit on the couch listening to all of my Grandpa's stories about everything, being so attentive. I remember playing a card game with him and Brian, and Josh kept saying "You are zee Eeediout auf zee game..." And Brian telling him he was gonna punch him if he didn't shut up. I remember playing that piano that was falling apart in his house, and completely jamming out on it. I remember going on a bike ride and winding up with both of us having heat exhaust and neither of us really knowing what to do. I remember him picking flowers for me wherever I went and giving them to me. I remember watching him walk away in the snow that last time... and being ok with that. Because "the funny thing about [us] is it's never goodbye... just see you later." I'll see you Josh. Fifteen more months. I can't think of a way to end this blog the way I traditionally do... so be disappointed as you will (Oh wait! That works!)

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