This Happens Lots - Toast

Introducing a new series I like to call....


Basically I pick an average day thing, it may be unfortunate, it may be awkward, it may be super awesome! And I'll dramatize the heck out of it. If you have something that happens lots to you, just comment below, and I'll dramatize that to absurd levels as well!

Today's episode of THL (This Happens Lots), we will take a look into the wonderful world of toast.

I love toast. I have a fetish with toast. I can eat it all the time and be perfectly fine with that. It's so versatile!

I do have an unrelated question.... what is the point of unsalted butter? Ok, I get that we have lots of salt in our lives, and salt in excess isn't good, but what I don't get is when people butter their toast with unsalted butter. Doesn't it just make your bread all greasy and do nothing to the flavor? Mmmmkthanxbai.

Here you go. Your clip of THL!


Kellie said...

Got your mouse working? That was well worth it. You are too cute.

College Babes said...

Oh my heck, how do you draw those things? Hilarious! -- Cori

curlygirly said...

Bread makes you fat.

chip said...

I still don't see how you come up with this amazing random brainspew!