Don't turnover

I blog differently than a lot of people. I blog when I think up something to talk about. Something either deep or funny. Or I just want to talk and it comes out being just... something. Something people read. But I want to blog about my days. There's nothing spectacular about them.

Yesterday was the best day ever. I've been in a lot of pain lately because either a virus decided to eat the muscle off my bones or the bones off my muscle or I'm just not used to walking all over campus so much... turns out having a month long break and then quite literally jumping back into school can make your muscles tired or something. But it's the kind of pain where it's "OH MY GOSH THIS HURTS SO BAD! But it's a good hurt! Like a hurt that makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life." Yeah. So I liked it. And yesterday I got all sorts of hurt like that. It's gone today. That's pretty cool.

Yesterday while walking to my second class, I was swarmed by a mob (murder? flock?) of children, the University pre-school. They handed me candy and smiled their cute little 2 year old smiles and said "Have a nice day!!!" Wow kids. Because of you, I had a nice day.

The day was made better by going to see my parents. I love my parents. And we had a fun day together! We even went to the grocery store. For some reason, when you have someone to go to the grocery store with, grocery shopping is so much more fun, though I'm sure that will change when I have children of my own, as my mother seems to say.

Then I went home and found the best letter from Elder Rice that I have gotten in many months. I mean... they're all good. But I like length. I get a letter once a week so I can't really complain, but they're generally half a page long. But this one was TWO entire pages long! That made me happy!

I cooked. And guess what? It was one of the best things ever. It turned out so well. There is hope for me.

Then my roommate invited me to see a movie, and that rocked. It was a great movie. I accidentally left my phone at home, and upon returning, I found a plethora of missed calls from the Rice family! So I called them back and had a really truly delightful conversation with them.

Now if you feel like I'm rubbing this in your face "Haha I had a great day! What did you get? A ham sandwich? Ooooo that's too bad. Better luck next time." I'm about to tell you why today wasn't the same as yesterday.

I got ready this morning, and headed to the library. It was nice and sunny and warm when I left, and the walk to the Trax station is about 3-5 minutes long. By the time I reached Trax, I was really soaking and a full on blizzard was under way. And all I was wearing was a light sweater.

I got to the library, and this really creepy guy followed me around for a while. It wasn't like "Oh look, there he is, staring at me from the other end of the isle..." It was more like "Lalala, this looks like a good boo--OH! My gosh. He's standing right behind me. Chewing on my hair." He wasn't really chewing on my hair. But he was close enough he could have been.

He stood up for me though, when I was getting my library card, some guy cut in line in front of me, and Mr. Follow-around said "HEY! She was in front of you!" And the guy let me go ahead of him. Mr. Follow-around left shortly after that.

I found my book. I went to look at the library stores. I highly recommend the Salt Lake City Library to all of those who haven't been there. It's amazing. I found some really beautiful things that I wanted to buy for my house, but I didn't want to spend money because I've got a tight wallet. I don't like spending money.

Instead my irrational mind bought a stupid apple pastry from the library cafe and it was nasty. It wasn't real apple. But the crust was really good.

I went home, and was determined to make some apple pastries. Turnovers to be precise. It was so much fun to make. They were turning out so well... so I thought.

When I was taking the first pan out of the oven, my oven-mitted hand  started telling me something. It was saying that the padding on it was worn out and heat was prone to seep through. And boy did it seep through. It started to really burn my hand! And the pan started to fall. My instincts told me to reach out and grab the pan before it hit the ground.

So I did.

With my non-oven-mitted hand.

It is now severely burned. You know that game "Johny Johny Johny Johny Whoop! Johny whoop! Johny Johny Johny" That kids play? Well my Johny Whoop is burned. All of  it. It hurts really bad.

Then I went to eat hummus and apple pastries, and both of them were terrible. I sacrificed my Johny Whoop for some nasty pastries. And the hummus was gross too.

Then I composed my dance for my modern dance class. And I think it will be really good. I feel pretty confident in this dance. But all that spinning around and dancing for some reason has made me feel terribly ill.

So here I am.


Feeling ill.

Also I've typed this entire post with my eyes closed because I feel nauseous, opening them only to press "Publish"

I'm talented, applaud me as you will.

youe ccan;t ebem yell O jad ny eues clised. 


Natasha Louise said...

wow I loved reading this! sorry about your hands!

Kat said...

LOL! I loved this post, Lara.

chip said...

You know what? Instead of a ham sandwich, I got a GRILLED CHEESE.

Which basically beats out everything you said in this post. Therefore...HA.