Busy Days

Hey every'un! It's been a busy weekend. And I am how you say.... tired! But it was a very worth-it weekend too.

So let's start off, Friday! I finished my exams, my dance recital, all of that, and it went really well! Then I went to meet my parents at my new house, and we went to dinner.

Ohhhh my laws. If you ever get the chance to go to Red Iguana, DO IT. It was in West Salt Lake, and pulling up the place looked kinda like a dive. It was in a bit of a shifty neighborhood. And the parking lot was full. But my dad wanted to go to this place SO much, so we went in. 

It was a fun and cute atmosphere! The place was packed, and it wasn't even during a meal rush or anything. It was in the middle of the afternoon. They sat us at this little table in the corner, and we ordered our food. The service was AMAZING! They had our food to us in like... 10 minutes or so. It was fast.

And it was GOOD.

I got the Chile Verde. Mmmmmmm!!! I loved it. My dad got a mole... I was really suspicious of it because.... I mean... it didn't really look appetizing. And it had chocolate in it. But wow. Mole is amazing. AMAZING YOU HEAR?! And my mom got a combo plate, with a little bit of everything on it!

It was a lot of food, but I'd eat here every day. Best Mexican food ever. 

Then I went back home, and waited for my buddies to pick me up! We went to watch the Utes vs Cougars baseball game. We may have lost... but we came up with the most chants and annoyed the living daylights out of every Cougar fan in the stadium.

And then I went home. And Saturday we spent the day moving everything into my new house, and saying goodbye to my good ol home on Douglas St., my last place. But this new home is wonderful. 

And it's the start of a new adventure too!

Oh, Friday afternoon they called me and.... Offered me a job! I am now employed as a banquet server at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! 

It's been a great weekend.

How was your weekend?


Kat Ly said...

LOL I was just on a site and it showed a picture of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and I thought it sounded familiar then I come on here and read this!:) ahhhh congrats!

chip said...

Congrats on the job, Lara!