It's currently 5:34, I started my twelve page essay at 4..... and so far this is what I have written.


Which is awful! I'm not even allowed to start sentences with that word, let alone an entire essay! AHHH!

Just kidding. I've gotten six pages done. Almost seven actually.

That is good.

Bad: My outline is six pages, and I'm following it as I write this essay. Currently I am on page 5, about half way down. So........ I have to stretch the last page and a half of my outline to last 5-6 more pages. Or make up a bunch of stuff.

Good: I'm good at making up stuff. And I've got like 3 hours to make up stuff. It's only taken me an hour and a half to write half the essay anyways! I think this calls for celebration with bagels.

Bad: The essay is due tomorrow.

Good: The teacher isn't grading the content. He's just grading the length. So it can be super rough.

Bad: My fellow classmates will be reading this. It's an honors class. Those people are like wolves surrounding a sack of meat. If this paper isn't good? They'll rip me to shreds.

Good: As we peer critique the essays, we will be having a party, complete with food even!

Bad: We have to provide the food.

If my life was a number line, we'd probably be somewhere around 0. I doubt we'd be in the negatives, otherwise I'd be on the ground asleep. That's how I handle upsetting things. Fall asleep. So it's either 0, or just barely above zero. There's enough icky stuff to counteract the good. But I dunno... my Pandora has been playing pretty much non stop for the last week, and I haven't had to press skip once.


Today I discovered a loathing for 'mist' weather. Mist is where it seems like it's raining, you feel pricks of water on your skin, but you can't see anything falling from the sky! You'd think you'd be ok with a jacket, or if you're really awesome and stuff NO JACKET! JUST SKIN! But by the time you get to school you're soaked. Those little water droplets come at you with a vengeance.

{Dang it. An ethereal song popped up on Pandora. And now it makes me want to learn how to fly and then fly all over the mountains........ This is going to be hard to focus.}


Anonymous said...

this post made me laugh. your blog is darling =)

megan danielle said...

i just thought id add that i freaking love your blog too! on days you dont post...oh it makes me sad haha

Kellie said...

Sounds like I am not the only one who stalks you. Not sure if that is good or bad. :)

Natasha Louise said...

I'm in on the stalking too, your posts are brilliant, make me laugh everytime!

chip said...

I'm definitely in on the stalking! After all, I'm still keepingup with this mission...