My Last Stand

It started out super innocent. How bad can washing the dishes be? But I should have been worried the second my parents shut the door and drove away.

All heck broke loose.

Seconds before the above picture was taken, my brother was standing right next to me. We had the camera on self timer, and he's counting down with it. We were posed holding bubbles like we were bubble benders or something. Brian counts "Five. Four. Thr--" And then there was a big blur, and next thing I know, my face is full of bubbles and he's running out of the kitchen. Beeeep! Camera takes picture.a

I ran out of the room to find my brother and cover him in bubbles.... and he got super mad. So I went to get something to clean his desk off with, and on my way back from wiping it all up, I saw the garage open and my parents pull up. I ran into the kitchen and found my sister in the middle of creating a bubble gown or something..... as my parents are walking up to the door.

It's amazing how difficult it is to clean up bubbles.


Natasha Louise said...

This is so funny!!

Anonymous said...

This made my day!!! I love your blog!

Brittany said...

Ah! Lara, I just love you so much!

chip said...

It IS difficult to clean up bubbles! But I love this so much.