Put A Bird On It

So I went to the store again today! Got more stuff for my house. And I must say... I'm pleased with my finds. It's amazing what you can find at the DI!

* The most amazing salt and pepper shakers ever
* The most amazing owl figurine ever
* A duck.

I kinda like birds! So what! I used to work at the Ogden Nature Center in the bird rehabilitation facilities, taking care of birds that were sick or injured, feeding them, cleaning them, things like that. I really liked those times. And now I'm collecting bird things.

I feel like that video is hilarious. And also directly attacking me. But still hilarious.

Today I also discovered mini Reese's cups. 

Amazing, no?

And even though it snowed this morning, it's starting to act more like spring!

Put a bird on it, as you will.


Natasha Louise said...

I LOVE the salt and pepper shakers!

ashley in wonderland said...

marcus and i just found that put a bird on it video last week! we died.

chip said...

I love that video.