D- All of the above

Not the best start to a day, but it turned out to be a way awesome day! I woke up and am all "I'ma check my blog!" And blogger is all "Hey you! Change your password!" And I'm all "Heh whatev, you know?" And then it's like "OMG! Your blog is GONE! We deleted it sorry!" And then I called my mom crying. Turns out my account got hacked and blogger shut down everything... but now it's back and running!

So today to make me feel better after all the stress and worry, my mom got me Red Mango for lunch.

Mmm! Parfaits are infinitely better when they are made with frozen yogurt.

And I got this awesome sauce belt! AWESOME!

It's my new best friend.

Alright, so I had to get a food handler's permit today so that I can do my job! And I was really having a good time with it. I learned why you shouldn't go to work if you're throwing up, why you shouldn't pick your nose while at work, and all sorts of things like that. But it made me notice something.

I hate multiple choice questions where there's an option of 

"D - All of the above!"

Sometimes they are fine, and they make sense, but way too many times in my life I've run into ones that just make me go "Wha???"


The sky can be described as:
A- Blue!
B- Occasionally cloudy!
C- Neither A nor B!
D- All of the above!

True or False: The sky is blue, and sometimes occasionally cloudy.

A- True
B- False
C- All of the above!

The word 'sky' rhymes with
A- Fly
B- Sly
D-All of the above!

Those are just a few examples. Yes, I have run into questions like that in the course of taking multiple choice tests. 

What is the most absurd test question you've ever seen?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha Lara, you're my favorite.

chip said...

What are the names of Mr. Gunn's (my science teacher) kids?
A. Harry and Hermione
B. Draco and Pansy
C. Ethan and Charlie (correct!)
D. Mr. Gunn, you're a weirdo and way too obsessed with Harry Potter

No joke. Later he told us, while laughing, that 76% of us picked D.