White Trash Fire

We had a family trip down to my house today! And we're having a sleepover party at my house. As a family. I think it's silly. My brother thinks it's kinda lame.... but we're having fun! The idea of it is a little silly. But it's fun in practice!

We made another trip out to the Red Iguana as well!

The service is second to none. They were so nice, and gave us so much food, that I have come to the conclusion that they are the henchmen for the witch who eats children or whatever. Fatten us up. Make us feel good. And then eat us.

We were back working at my house, and my dad sent my brother to work in the garage moving all the bricks out into the yard. He came in about 30 minutes later saying he was done, and he'd made a fire pit! 

"It's a little white trash, you should come see it!"

And.... I'm pretty sure it's the most amazing thing in the world.

I expected a fire pit. Not a back yard fire place complete with cement chairs. It even has a functioning chimney.

I love it.


Brittany said...

Awww! Brian is just the cutest!

Lauren said...

you won a giveaway! http://www.busybeelauren.com/2011/03/busy-bee-giveaway-brooklyn-thread.html

will you email me?

chip said...

That is a brilliant chimney!