Add Some Color

Hey it's been some time, eh? I've kinda been busy! We've finished moving me into my new abode, and I'm in mine abode right now. It's lonely and quiet. But hey! Blasting some MoTab is kinda awesome. {Can MoTab be blasted?}

Saturday was nothing short of amazing. I went to the Holi Festival of Colors with my BFF Brittany and her roommates in Spanish Fork Utah at the Hare Krishna Temple. Here's what happens! You drive there. You fight for parking for an hour. You get parking. You walk to the Temple.

The crowds are HUGE! Thousands of people all over. It's very easy to get lost! So we got there, and went to buy some chalk!

It's not really chalk. It's scented colored corn starch. I got PINK!

So then we went to a 'throwing'. The crowd gathers in front of the temple on a hill and someone talked to us over these speakers, telling us what it was all about! I really liked the message, about being unique. Everyone was covered in different chalk, and we were all different and original. Our throwing was different, because they burned a fake witch to represent burning sin or something.... It was hard to hear. 

Then we counted down! And we all threw the chalk in the air!

The cloud was so thick, you couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of yourself for a few minutes at least! And then it was over. And we all went to get food at Panda.

I think my favorite part of the whole thing was walking around, covered in chalk, and getting weird looks from people in other cars, or in Panda, or in the grocery store...

Definitely amazing. Absolutely worth it! But parts of my face are stained pink... looks like it's going to be a night of scrubbing it off in the shower. Awesome!


Natasha Louise said...

I've seen so many pics of this, of my Josh's family going, I'm so jealous is looks so fun!!!!

Jenna said...

jealous. :(

ahlin said...

i went to this last year... so fun!

Olivia Juliann Crabtree said...

haha that is so awesome! Looks like an amazing time.


Diana Smith said...

Hey did you go to the color festival?? that is awesome! So do you live in Utah? I am hosting a blog party in my backyard april 16th at 5 in Orem! Would love for you to come. There are more details on my blog!

Livy Love

Amanda said...

Did you go to the Saturday 3:00 throwing? You said they burned a fake witch and that was the one I was at! Too bad I didn't see you. Looks like you had fun :)

chip said...

Ooh, jealous! That looks like a lot of fun!