Oats and Peas and Barley Grow.

Yesterday we put our roots down. (Hah... Garden puns!!!)

It was a really fun ride having those lil plants hanging from our patio, but every parent has to let go some day... and yesterday was that day for those plants. They're now in a plot just a few blocks away from our house. They like it a lot better there. The second we buried their roots in stinky cow poop, they were happy.

Yes. Cow poop. It was stinky. It was a little horrific starting out. And then you just grit your teeth and dig in. With a shovel. And then put the plants in the hole you made and then bury their roots in stinky cow poop.

While the plants were on our patio, we noticed some things about their personalities. For example, the mint and the tomatoes. You'll notice in this pic that we don't have mint in that garden. That's because mint spreads like wild fire and we're not allowed to plant it in that plot. So it's growing on our window sill. ANYWAYS. What we noticed about these two plants: If they went even a few hours without water, if their boxes were all dry for even that long, they'd just give up. They'd fall limp to the side and lay there. We'd laugh and make fun of them until we realized that we'd do pretty much the same thing if we went too long without water. 

Something else we noticed was what a drama queen the kale was.

The kale would literally throw itself onto the ground, like it was having a temper tantrum. It would just fall over. It was too big for the lil boxes each of them were in, and they were grumpy about it apparently. I'm excited to grow that kale. Smoothies galore. 

Notice the stones around the garden? We were a little worried about a few things when we showed up to this garden area.

1. A garden plot a few places over was WAY cuter than ours and...
2. Our plot was full of rocks. 

So we killed two birds with a ton of stones. Now our garden is cuter. And also? It's gonna grow a lot better since we're the only people who used cow poop. So HAH at the people with the plot a few places over! SORRY yours isn't so cute! But for real, they're our friends. We've only said hi to each other, but you know what they say... people who garden near each other will be friends forever....

SOOOOO what we have growing so far this summer:
Big tomatoes
Lil tomatoes
Chili peppers
Green beans

And at our home still...
One tomato plant just for fun
Aloe Vera

Plants are fun. Some day I'll be good at keeping them alive.


Kaitlin Merkley said...

I've always loved that old saying of "people who harden near each other will be friends forever!" So, so true.

Life with Amberly said...

So fun!! :) Maybe we'll put a garden in our new yard next year :)

www.thatmamajama.com said...

I wish I had a green thumb! :)

Leanne R said...

I'm so envious!

Miranda Myrabev said...

Wow you go girl, my mum has the beat hand at gardening everything she plants grows nicely and especially tomatoes and other veggies we have them on months end. When I try to do it they die before they can even blossom lol x

Kaity Leechford said...

Love your little garden!!


Stories of Kel said...

ahh I need a yard!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Great list! You guys rock! Hopefully we can get in a house sooner than later to have our own garden! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome that you're building a garden! That's one of the downfalls of living in an apartment, you can have potted plants but not a garden.