My alarm didn't go off today. I woke up because my ear was whispering to me. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." It wasn't too loud. But that, mixed with the fact that my body clock normally gets up an hour earlier was enough to get me up! Yep! I missed my first class. But it's ok. During my second class I got an email from the professor apologizing to the entire class about the lecture given. Guess it was offensive! Too bad I missed it. Offensive is my native language!

Today I saw a space ship zooming down the street.

It had the words "Test Train" flashing across it on beautiful new screens. Brand new paint... What IS that thing! Could I really have the chance in a few weeks or months to ride a space ship to school? GOLLY I HOPE SO!

I'm not really that pale. It's a white shirt. Nor is my butt that big. Those pants are 9 sizes too big. They're comfy.

I could pretend that today's post is special for some reason. That reason being that it is post numbrero 100. But how about we get more excited for post number 111! And then post number 1000!

Today I want to pitch an idea to the world.

Imagine this....

A long empty stretch of brand new sloped black top.

The sound of wheels rolling.....

Suddenly, you see them.

Seven of the most beautiful people you have ever seen! Could it be?

Are they really?


On scooters!

It's too good to be true! But no! It's really happening!

Choreographed/synchronized scootering!

My team name would be.... sCOOLter.

Just kidding, my team name would be more awesome than that.

Who wants to join me???

The nurse nudged my scooter yesterday. "Do you ride that all over campus?"


She kinda shook her head and looked down at her clip board.

"You roll with the best of them."


Andrea said...

Congrats on blog post #100!!! Maybe for 111, you could post a video of that magical scooter dancing? yes.

Lovely blog, keep it up


Natasha Louise said...

I'm with Andrea, a video of that magical scooter dancing, ;)

I'm so intrigued to know why the professor apologised for the lesson! If you find out, make sure you tell us! :) xx

Kellie said...

And three makes it official. We need a video of your synchronized scootering. You could practice on your brand new driveway!

Leah said...

Yesterday I saw someone where I live with a scooter waiting for the bus. First thought was, wow I thought Lara was the only one. Bringing Scooters back!

chip said...

Scooters are amazing! You know what? If I lived near you, I would totally be willing to make a choreographed scooter dance. Even though I can't dance, except for kicking my leg up fancy-like.