This Little Mind of Mine

I've had lots of random thoughts bouncing around my head today. It's about time I put them all together.

My toothpaste as of late has born a remarkable resemblance to celery. Not the look of it... the taste.

Sometimes you might feel like it's really cool to do the college thing and be a college person and act like college people do, so you decide to eat Doritos for breakfast. This is almost always a bad choice. And it will ruin you for the rest of the day.

I was told to take one of my medicines twice a day. I kinda felt like looking at the pharmacist and saying... "That's not vague at all." So I took one this morning at 9am. And then I took another at 11:30am. Here I am, at 9:21pm... and I think I did it wrong. I think I should space out the times which I take my medicines. I think my doctor should have been more specific! The bottle doesn't tell me anything either. It just... exists. In its state of ORANGE.

Kshh kshh....

Does anyone know how to properly fix a straw hat? A straw fedora to be exact? And where should fedoras fit on your head? Should I just buy a new one? I'm kinda feeling that way. I would do that this weekend... maybe. We'll see.

Maybe I should go to the Gateway this weekend. I have no shorts to wear. Is it appropriate to buy shorts at this time of year? I don't even have capris and SUMMER IS COMING people. So be ready. I just don't know.

The thing is.... while I want shorts.... what I need is a new MP3 player. I want one for a good deal though. Because mine is getting to the point where it's unusable. Today it only played 2 songs over and over again. I couldn't switch it at all. It drove me to insanity, and then back pretty fast because I had some homework to do, and it wanted to respect my schooling and have me home at a decent hour so my roommates wouldn't ask questions.

But they did anyways.

No, what I NEED is a pet fox. Not a bunny. Not a gerbil or whatever... a fox. Turns out you can only buy them in Russia or something, so here's the plan. Gain readers in Russia. Write really heart wrenching, moving blog posts. Solicit them to send me a fox.

It's easier than not having a fox.

Next time you eat a Werther's original candy, before you pop that baby in your mouth, ask yourself first.... "Is this a hard candy? Or is it a soft caramel with the texture of smooth chocolate?" The answer might surprise you. I know it surprised me.

Is it just me, or can you never remember the exact taste of a Werther's Original hard candy unless you eat one? There's something strange about the soft caramels..... they don't taste like Werther's Originals. Are Werther's butterscotch?! Does anyone have answers?

Tomorrow is Thursday, and though I have an exam on Friday, this particular Thursday, I have one goal and that goal is thus.

Find a way to launch myself in the air and rescue these shoes from the telephone wire. They hang down in the middle of Douglas Street. I like it.... that's why I want to take them and move them to Elizabeth Street so they will stay with me always.

I used to believe that the reason tennis shoes were slung over telephone wires was to make it so that airplanes could see the wires, and not fly into them.

Today? I still believe that same thing. So I really apologize if I cause some sort of accident by thiefing these shoes.

My plan so far involves my scooter, a bottle of soda, 2 nail clippers, several sticks of soda chapstick, and all the energy I can muster. 

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chip said...

A fox? Do you know how dangerous foxes can be? They can...eat your children! Even if you don't have children. They'll still eat them.