If All of the Raindrops

La la la la la! Hello world. It's late! I'm sorry. I got carried away with the day and now here I am! Ready to post.

I'm in a very good mood yes. Exam tomorrow? Bring it on! Grocery shopping? Why not! Help my parents move stuff to my house? Sounds awesome to me.

It's novel owning a toaster. I've never done that before. I want to get stickers and put it all over the toaster. ALL over. Also, the blender. For some reason, that was the most important thing my house had to have. A blender. I could have no furniture, no food, and a blender, and things would be alright

It rained today. There are a lot of blocked gutters down around my house, meaning a lot of puddles.

Driving a car through puddles? Pretty cool?

Riding a scooter through puddles? A death defying experience. It's pretty awesome. No really, I'd do it all day if I could.

Sadly the rain got in the way of me claiming those tennis shoes. Some day! SOME day they will be mine! Hanging in the back yard of my new house!

As I rode my scooter home from school, through the enormous parking lot that is the stadium parking area... It started to rain. And then the sky is like "To heck with it! Give 'er all we've got boys!" And down came a ton of hail. It was fun to ride through it, watching it bounce all over. And then I got the best idea ever.

I haven't stood in a storm with my mouth opened wide singing "AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AHHHH!" For so long!

Hail tastes like salt and magic.

Keep it up SLC. On days like this, I actually like you. 


Natasha Louise said...

This was so funny! You should visit England, Rain loves it here x

chip said...

What's the tune of that "AH AH AH..." song?