Awkward Tango

We all know the awkward turtle, right? How many of you know the awkward tango?

It's that thing of where you're walking, and you see someone, so you move to the right to let them pass, but then they move the same way, and so you keep moving back and forth and back and forth until someone just stops and walks and it's super awkward?

Imagine that. Except with Trax. And a scooter. Yeah. That's what happened today.

There's this little cross walk at the trax station that lets you get from one side to the other, and the trax go right down it. Well... a trax was getting ready to go. And I was waiting to cross. So the director was super nice, and she smiled at me, and kinda waved me on. Like... go!

So I started rolling. And so did she.

We both stopped really fast. Which is saying a lot for a thousands of pounds trax train. She shook her head at me. And then sat there for like 10 seconds. So I stared at her with a confused look, and started rolling forward on my little scooter again. And trax started inching forward at the exact same time.

She stopped again and stared at me, shaking her head really hard, looking like she was about to cry. I tilted my head to the side. And then tilted more. And then tilted more.....

Let's just say... in the awkward tango of Trax vs scooter, scooter always wins.

Also in the battle of yogurt vs Greek yogurt, the Greek wins.

Also in the battle of Lara vs Human Development exam, Lara wins.

Also in the battle of moving stuff into my new house, I win. I'm not sure who I was fighting against, but I win.


Flip Flop Fanatics said...

totally know what you are talking about with this awkward tango thing...i absolutely hate it but instead of getting irritated by it my friend came up with a way around that-we make a game out of it. We try to be the ones to see if we can out last the oncoming person and make them move rather than us ourselves moving, it is really funny to watch what people will do (and makes for some good stories later). I like doing this because 1) people in Seattle DO NOT know how to walk on the right side of the sidewalk *common sense people* and 2) it makes it a heck of a lot more better than getting angry about it. Gotta love silly games :)

and ya scooter always wins ;)
and YAY you for dominating the Human Development exam!

chip said...

Scooters always win! But wouldn't that be pretty scary, being stuck with a train in front of you?