Around The World In 24 Hours

Wooo! Sorry, another late post, but HEY! Look at that title. I have a good reason. I was traveling around the world in 24 hours.

It started out a normal Saturday, woke up, ate food, got ready to study... and then my bff from Ogden called! Julie yayyy! Julie said she and my other bff Teagan were coming into town for the day, and asked if I wanted to meet up with them.


I got ready, went grocery shopping, and met them in France for crepes. A lovely little shop called Luna Berry. If you ever get the chance to eat at a Luna Berry, do it. I had the most amazing vegetable crepe ever. Ever. Like... ever. And a delightful little cup of frozen yogurt as well.

After France, we thought it would be nice to swing by good ol London.

How could this place have existed my entire life without my knowledge!? People! I could LIVE here. It's full of cute little candies and tea pots, all sorts of chocolates, that wicked awesome post office box, double decker bus models, and.... HARRY POTTER PARAPHERNALIA! Guys! That's Voldemort's wand! I'm not even kidding!
I walked away happily with a small double decker bus key chain with real wheels on it. I mean... it actually rolls around.

We thoroughly enjoyed Europe, but it felt like it was time to move along. Next stop: Asia.

This store wasn't as adorable. But they had so many interesting things in there. It was wicked awesome. And pretty much nothing was in English. But a few things were! 

You know that thing of where they translate something into English but kinda miss the mark or something, and you don't know what they were going for?


They offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady.

I ran into a classmate from writing in this lil Asian food market place. She was shocked and astonished to see me without my scooter. Instead I kinda freaked out and showed her my double decker bus.

Asian store customers aren't very impressed with small double decker buses.

Last stop was Mexico or something. I dunno.... whatever store you go to when you want to get spicy food.

Those peppers will kill you. Don't eat them. 

It was a great day, but the time came to say goodbye. We caught our separate trains....

And said farewell.

I walked home completely exhausted.... and while I shuffled my feet, and recalled all the good memories from the day, I cast my eyes to the ground and found this.

Hello Salt Lake City, it's good to be back home.


Shenise said...

Dude... That sounds COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! Where can I find these places in SLC????? That's like, the PERFECT adventure to take!! EVER!!!!!

Natasha Louise said...

LOVE the little London place, c-ute! But I guess I am pretty biased haha

ShannonRose said...

WHERE IS THIS?? I want to go!!!

sarcasm397 said...

It was a good day!

Beth said...

those plates are gorgeous. what a fun day!!

chip said...

Ooh! Alivans!