The Wire

Is it? Is it true? Can it be? 

Yep! I'm back. After a respite of... what... a few hours? Yeah. You just get into that funk where you don't really want to do much, you know?

My funk was largely attributed to the Hunger Games. You pick up those books. You read them. You can't put them down until you've finished reading them. And then you're all depressed because you finished them, and you're all bummed because they're kinda depressing books. But they're so good.

Today I have a story of hardship and woe.

You see that little piece of wire in my hand? That wire and I had gotten to be really close. I think it was one of my greatest supports for these last few years.

Call it what you will, an appliance, a retainer, a piece of wire that crosses the back of your bottom teeth...

Yesterday it fell out. The cement had just gotten tired, and it gave up. And my retainer fell out.

I think I'm going to go crazy. I think I can feel my teeth moving already. I told my roommate, and she almost cried for me. 

We're dental fanatics.

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Juhee said...

i agree completely. when i read a good book everything becomes post-poned!

Lissa Chandler said...

totally agree about the hunger games! if i start reading, i don't stop until i've read the last page of the third.

chip said...

I will be SO glad when I can throw away my top removeable retainer! I hate that thing.