A Day's Work

I had my first day of work yesterday. I was thinking... training. First day means training. Training means learning how to set a table, carry a tray, where to find everything, all of that good stuff, you know?

I got there, got my uniform, got a small tour. And I ended up in a room with 3 other servers, all prepping for a wedding that was happening like RIGHT THEN. They tested me to see if I could carry a tray, told me where to position the strawberry on their salad plate, told me when to give them more rolls and juice, and then threw me out there.

It went well. The bonus about working at weddings is everyone is so happy.

And it was snowing. We were on the top floor, and I've never seen snow falling from that high up! It was beautiful! Felt like a snow globe. 

I was hoping for a full out thunder storm.... but the snow was good too!

Going back in for work today.

Who's got two thumbs and is excited?


I gotta tell you about my dream last night.

There was this new kind of marching band where instead of marching, we were pulled around in dog sleds. And the dogs all hated each other, so they'd fight a lot, and we had to throw this yellow powder in their face so they could talk. And then everyone's faces  turned to crab meat and we ate each other.


Natasha Louise said...

It's so weird you mentioned a dream, because you were in my dream last night, I know right? I don't even know you yet you were in my dream. Anyway here's what happened I had to go to this place and share a room, I have no idea why, but it was bunks and I walk in, and I see you, and I recognise you, and I'm like you look like someone from a blog I read, and it turned out it was you, we played old style video games.. weird, right?? Dreams are so weird, anyway, now you officially feel stalked, I shall leave.. awkward.. ha

Matt and Chrissie said...

I love that you're excited to go to work! I used to be a waitress for special events including Weddings and loved it too! I work in a shop now :( Booo!

chip said...

Working for weddings sound fun! Everyone would always be cheery.