Flowers and Pie

Today I woke up and I'm all "W-w-w-w-wwwhhhhaaaaatttt????" Because it's snowing. Again. It snowed yesterday too. The snow is beautiful and lovely and fluffy. But it's April 9th! I dunno.... I feel like it's time to be Spring!

Luckily, I brought home some Spring from work yesterday! 

That's another thing I love about my job. Leftover flowers. 

Them: "Hey.... so we're just gonna throw these flowers away so--"

Me: "NO! I mean... Heh. I'll take those for you. Thank you."

So I walk in the door, and my roommates are all sitting around chatting, so we sit and talk for a while and then we found ourselves sitting in Village Inn at 11:30pm. 

There was a bounty of fries, pies, and hot coco. 

Melissa picked up her fork and examined it closely, and then announced that she was going to get another fork because that one looked suspicious. She got up. Got the fork. Came back.

We sat and ate our fries and hot coco, and then all of the staff walks out of the kitchen with a slice of pie, singing happy birthday. 

Marion and Melissa start cracking up. When getting a new fork, Melissa told the workers it was Emilee's birthday. (Her birthday is not even in this season.)

And Emilee is talking as they're singing too! "Who's birthday is it?! It's not my birthday!"

She got free pie, thanked our server, and said again "It's not my birthday..."

And he laughed nervously and said "Well... someone lied...."

But I think he was crushing on Emilee, so he gave her the pie for free anyways. 

He was kinda a legit sauce server! The crew and I really loved him lots! We'll for sure be headed back over to Village Inn to give him a howdy. 

It was a good adventure! I am more than in favor of late night pie runs.


Ashley@Divorced&21 said...

I love hot chocolate!

Brittany said...

I swear, Village Inn is the best place for late night frolicking. Especially on free pie wednesday. Me and my friends practically have a reserved table for free Pie Wednesday. It's legit

Village Inn Server said...

well Hello, the blog seems to be very interesting, but I thought it wasn't about food? Also I was unaware of my crush on Emilee.

chip said...

Hahahahahaha! I know that person that posted above me wasn't really the server, but...WIN.