Little Sweet Thing

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone, Internet! I'm skipping my first two classes this morning so I can stay home and do my writing class work! Just a word for the wise, Honors Writing is amazing, and full of really awesome people, but the work load is slightly heavier than a really heavy elephant. 

Here's what I'm up to right now:
<3 Figuring out how to insert 6 more references into my 13 page essay <3
<3 Writing 5 - 2 page book critiques. Note: This is not a report. You analyze the writing style to see what works and what doesn't. I'm tired of being analytical <3
<3 Printing off over 20 pages of journals I've written over the semester <3
<3 Studying for the 'pop quiz' tomorrow on the deadly dozen sins of writing, the 20 fallacies of argumentative writing, the billion literary devices, and various grammatical issues <3

I think I may very well go insane!

I am going insane. I need to stop eating sweets. Remember how I was vegetarian that one time in January? Well, I decided to be sugar free in February. But then I realized it was February! The king month of sweets! I couldn't be sugar free then! So I put it off. And forgot about it.

I think, currently, I eat more sweets now than I did before February. Which is awful. I need to cut it out. But I've got a wicked sweet tooth, and we keep making some wicked sweets.

Friday night it was pie.

Saturday night it was caramel salted brownies and ice cream.

Sunday was leftovers from Saturday night and cupcakes as well.

Owl cupcakes. So help me, I'm gonna get fat.


Brittany said...

Holy crap girl!! You go crazy if you drink grape juice! I can't imagine how crazy you've been on all this sugar!!

Kellie said...

EXACTLY BRITTANY!! In fact I said the same thing to her! Her roommates dont know her too well yet.

chip said...

That is a whole lot of work! I'm glad I'm only in high school, I'm not old enough to tackle college yet!