One - Thirty

If I was 130 years old, I'd be older than you are.

If I had 130 dollars, I'd buy some jeans and a white shirt and maybe a new bra. 

If I had 130 teeth, it'd be hard to close my mouth

If I ran 130 miles, I'd probably be at least a little tired.

If I held my breath for 130 minutes, I wouldn't be writing this right now.

If I winked at you 130 times, you might think something was wrong with my eye! You might suggest I go to the doctor.

If I could play 130 songs on the piano with my feet, I'd be famous.

If I owned 130 houses, I'd be stressed about collecting rent from all those people.

If 130 hairs fell off my head, I'd have 130 hairs less than I do now.

If I spoke 130 languages, I could get any job I wanted most likely.

If I ate no sugar for 130 days, I would have mastered self control.

If I had 130 followers, I'd be the happiest blogger in the world.

And so it is.

(I mean, for that last one)

I made that especially for you. Thank you.


Taylor {and} Scott said...

yay followers!!! sponsor swap? i really like your blog!

Christi Lynn said...

how exciting!! you're blog is awesome :)

MEK said...

your F looks like an L strange

Hollie Ann said...

so cute!!! i'm 131 :)