Hair Problems

I'm so mad at my hair right now. 

It's just been bad hair day after bad hair day.

I love every hair in the world. This world is full of people with beautiful hairs on their head. Even if they don't know how to style it. Their scalp holds so much potential.

But mine is that puppy you feel sad for, but not sad enough to help. 

I don't know what to do ahhh! 

The length of my hair is fine. I'm happy with that. It's not short and not long and hardly middle, it just exists. And I'm fine with that really! But it's my bangs! I don't know what to do with them anymore! I don't like my face without bangs, and I don't like my face with bangs.

I want some neat hair styles pronto folks. 

Email me some at indagofrog@gmail.com


All I want is this cookie dough,

perfect hair,

and compliments.

Is that too much to ask?


Teagan said...

I have no neat hairstyles for you. My hair has been roughly the same style for the past four years. It's been several different colors, though...

Also, I want that cookie dough. Chickpeas? I am so in.

Lissa Chandler said...

nope. perfect hair is definitely not too much to ask for and i think i'll ask for it, too... my bangs are driving me crazy.