Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth. I really do. It's a super double sweet tooth.

It's more than a sweet tooth. It's like a sweet jaw or sweet skeleton or something.

I love sweet things. Like a lot. 

I won't go out and eat a bowl of agave with grains of sugar swimming in it, that's a lot. That's too much. I don't like things that are sweet sweet sweet, I just like lots of sweets. 

Anyways. I was reflecting on my childhood and the candies I ate then. And I've come up with a list of winning candies and a list of losing candies.

(Honestly, candy is probably my least favorite sweets. I like ice cream and cupcakes, the things that your body really thanks you for, you know...)

Caramel Apple suckers.

Push pops.

War heads.

Sour spray.

Sweet tarts.

Fun Dip.

(Actually fun dip can be fun if you eat an entire package in one. It's also painful and dangerous.

At a sleepover last February

 But the candy itself, the concept... kinda gross.)

Other winners:

Candy buttons
Laffy Taffy
Mini candy bars

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baileysmall said...

fun dip could never be losing. just never. never.