Every day for the last week, someone has found my blog by searching something related to bunnies.

Small bunny.

Baby bunny.

Cute bunnies.

Soft bunny rabbit.

Every single day. I'm not sure what they're looking for, but they're always lead to this post.

This weekend was 'ight. We had a football game. And it was exhausting as usual. And I had a headache so big that they'll write songs about it some day. And we lost. But it was overall one of my most favorite games ever.

No editing Ladies and Gentlemen, magic happens in that stadium

I really like the people with whom I associate.

I also really like walking around the stadium when it's empty. And looking at that big field, and at the empty stands, and feeling like the only person in the world, like you own the place. It's an awesome feeling.

If you're thinking, "You know... music is cool and what not, but college marching band is just not for me."
Quickly change your mind. The choice to participate in the Pride of Utah has brought more opportunities to me than anything else.

Oh hey there, it's October! I don't know what to be for Halloween! Any suggestions?

What will YOU be?

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