It's SO Fluffy!!!

Looking at me, you wouldn't exactly think I'm a girly girl. But I am.

I love reality TV, cupcakes, the color pink, princesses, ferris wheels, ice cream, and to top it all off...


I can't help it... LOOK at it! It's SO fluffy! So tiny! Look at its eyes! I WANT ONE!

I'm pretty lonely in SLC. I have friends, yes, but they work and study, and so do I, so we can't hang out very much. 

I want something to keep me company. I proposed the idea to my father to let me have a guinea pig when I move out, said it would keep me company...

He laughed.

I just want a small not-fish animal to keep me company.

Is that so much to ask?


ShannonRose said...

I MIGHT be able to hook you up with a baby bunny...My mish's sister's bunny just had babies!! The daddy bunny has quite the personality (he thinks he's a dog, its awesome) so I'm hoping the personality was passed down to the babies!

sarcasm397 said...

How about cupcakes? I still need to hook you up with some of those.

chip said...

Bunnies are awesome! My friend has one and she's so cute and she just follows her, hopping around the house.