Today's entry asked me to post a picture of myself from 2 years ago.

I was thinking... "Gosh... 2006... that was forever ago..." Then I checked out the date today, and realized that today is actually part of the year 2011, meaning two years ago was only 2009. What?! Where in the world did all the time go!

This picture was actually taken in February 2009, so it's almost exactly 2 years ago.

Once upon a time Julie and I were pretty bored. She came over to my house after school, where we realized that we were wearing matching scarves. We then proceeded to do an impromptu photo shoot in my back yard in the dead of the winter.

We called them "Melancholy Pictures" because that's how we were feeling that day.

It was good fun!

Now I'm feeling a bit melancholy....

Look at old pictures as you will. 

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chip said...

The funny thing is that you actually can make the picture look good-while holding up a dead flower.