Should We Be Nice To Others?

In my honors writing class, we have to do a research paper. A persuasive research paper.

Last Tuesday, we brainstormed ideas for what we could do a research paper on, picked the top three, shared them with 3 other people, then picked one and shared it with the entire class.

It was really interesting, see, we could write on anything. And since we're all honors kids we were able to come up with some pretty cool ideas. One of them really got the attention of everyone... we're going around class, people mentioning topics on police brutality, spreading civilization, controlling resources and stuff like that. And we get around, and then the last person, when asked what they were writing about said...

"Should we be nice to others?"

Of course he had to elaborate on this, you can't just say something like that and go on with a lesson. His point was wondering if there is any true altruism, or if kindness and charity are only used for self gain in one way or another.

I thought about this a lot. Looking around, it seems most charity, or the kind that gets the most attention is done just for that. To get attention. To say "Look here! I'm doing something good! Love me!" And it was something I really thought about.

Today I went to the grocery store. I forgot my heavy duty shopping bag that I usually put everything into... I kinda need it because I walk to and from the grocery store. And groceries aren't very light... especially when you're buying drinks for a party.

I was making my way down the street, and my bags tore. I kicked the contents to the side so I could pick them up without getting in the way of the people, and something happened that made me think maybe people are just kind just because that's how they are.

A little tiny old lady reached down and picked up everything. She picked up the remains of my bag, tied everything together very carefully and handed it back to me, smiling.

She didn't say a word.

She just smiled.

And she left.

This was a tiny old lady who could barely cross a street by herself, but she picked up what I had dropped and helped me, then headed on her way.

I think there is actual altruism in the world. It may not be everyone. Heck, it not be the majority of the people. But there are some actual altruistic people in the world who help others because that's who they are. The don't care if they get noticed or not. They just do it as if it were tying their own shoe, because that's who they are.

That's who I want to be. Join me as you will. 

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chip said...

I will most certainly join you! I agree, there are some people that will just stop and help with something without a second thought.