The Magical World Of Magic

Survivor's log, February 2, 2011:Today is day 4... rations are running low... the wind is blowing hard.... my toes are growing numb, and my hair is falling out. I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this blog-a-lot thing.... I think it's killing me.

There you go, just a bit of drama for your life! Actually I'm having fun blogging lots. It's expanding my creativity or what have you, and maybe I can even use one of these entries some day for a assignment in my writing class.

Actually that's a neat idea. Alright.


I have an assignment due in class on February 24th! My writing class! I'm supposed to read a sample of my writing, it can be anything, really. But this is an honors class, so they expect something kinda no lame, you know? So vote!

That's right! Up until... how about February 20th? You can vote! VOTE YOU HOGS! Vote on what blog you think I should read in class. You can say "This one!" in the comments or whatever. So yeah. Just, what do you think would be interesting for the class to read? I love you darlings.

Alright. The Magical World of Magic.

Does anyone here know what my last profession was? I was a Magician's Assistant. Isn't that awesome? That's my most favorite thing in the world, being able to say "I was a magician's assistant! What were you, a ham sandwich? Oh... sorry..."

But unfortunately life got in the way, I took on a lot of class work this semester, and I was unable to continue work as a Magician's Assistant. But I am looking for another job if you know anyone hiring? No fast food. Or grocery store. That's the law. Thanks I love you.

Goodness, I'm so lovey dovey to you all today!

Also relating to magic... does anyone else get really emotional watching those Disney commercials? You know the ones... where the parents surprise the kids that they're going to DisneyPlace, and they freak out and get so excited. Yeah. Those ones. They make me almost-cry every time. And if I'm eating mac-n-cheese, I'll probably let out a loud sob too. I don't know what it is... but they really hit me hard.

Today's blog entry asked me to post a picture of my friend. But you know... that's not cool. I have many friends. So I'm going to post a picture of all of us together. Keep in mind... if you're not in this picture, it doesn't mean I don't love you. It just means you're not in the picture. Sorry.

Once upon I time I was in high school... I know I know... weird, right? Because I'm so old and mature right now? And I was in band. And we all went to Disney Land together.

Gracious, if you ever get the chance, GO TO DISNEY LAND with your friends! It's the best!

I'm gonna show the friends from left to right and tell you something about them.

Amy Vogel Higgs:

In this picture she is Amy Vogel. You see... Amy got married this summer. My comrades and I went to her reception. It was really traumatic for all of us... the wedding was beautiful, Amy was stunning, and she and her groom looked as happy as could be. But it was a big reality check for us kiddies that we weren't really kiddies anymore. Amy is awesome :) I'm glad she's happy, because it makes me happy! Amy has the coolest talents. She can play the accordion, and she can hula dance! And she can play the Clarinet but you know... whatever... Heh heh heh. Amy has the best taste in all things music/movies/ and stuff like that. Amy can always make me laugh, and always make any time the best time ever.

Julie Vogel:

Julie... Julie... Julie.... This girl and I were meant to be sisters. I'm pretty sure. She has always been so supportive of me in everything, and she's not afraid to metaphorically slap me across the face and tell me straight up that I'm messed up. We have the best times together, talking about everything. We grew up in the same ward, went to the same school, were buddies all through Young Womens. I love Julie, I really do. She's one of the greatest friends I've ever had, and I would drop everything in a moment's notice to help her.

Don't look at the person to the right of Julie, she's ugly. We'll skip her.


Sarah Jo Harris:

Sarah moved to my high school when I was a sophomore. She was exactly what we needed... an oboe player. What really struck me is how well she 'hit it off' with everyone. She was immediately friends with everyone. She's dead smart, she's got wicked talent on oboe and naming broadway songs.... but my favorite thing is her sense of humor. She wrote a murder mystery type series my junior year in high school that turned into kinda a big deal. It involved the characters of marching band, and it was so intense. For Christmas she gave me a copy of the work all put together with illustrations. Sarah, I hope you know I read that book once a week. I love it dearly. I love Sarah dearly! Sadly, Sarah is going to BYU-I. And I go to the U. I miss Sarah!

Cheryl Knight:

Look at her! She's so darling! She's sweet and innocent. But she's also one of those people who says things that make everyone go "WHAT?!" You wouldn't expect her to say that haha! She is so wise. She is so hilarious. She is a boy magnet. She can play the viola like nobody's biz-nas. And she's going to the U with me! Here's the thing... our campus is kinda huge. So we don't run into each other much. But we should! Cheryl! Ring me up some time!

And last, but not least

Jacqueline Ada Loveland:

One day my sophomore year, Jackie and Brittany came up to me. And they pretty much proposed friendship. I didn't know people did that! But they did. Jackie has been with me through thick and thin. Sometimes she drives me crazy, but that's what we do. We talk about everything and anything. And sometimes nothing. We can have conversations and really have no idea what went down, it's that silly. Jackie has the craziest adventures. She too is a boy magnet. You know, really, all these girls are. I just talk to Jackie about it more. And she's a verifiable genius.

Looking at this picture right now, I realize someone is missing. And that is

Brittany Daniels:

Brittany was playing with boy toys when this picture was being taken, so she's not here. But we missed her. Brittany and Jackie... those two... we've been through thick and thin. We fight, we break up, we hug, we make up... and every Christmas we find ourselves presenting fancy underwear as gifts to each other. Brittany and I didn't plan very well when we picked out schools.... we wound up being like... 3 hours away from each other. And that's not cool in my book. But weekends find us partying up in Ogden. You know those people who you can make eye contact and both laugh hysterically over something that wasn't even said, but was understood by both parties? She's that person for me. And no one else is. We've got a soul connection or something! I miss my Brittany!

I miss all of my friends really.... but you know,

The great thing about us is it's never really goodbye, just "See You Later..."


Anonymous said...

Opening paragraph was the best!

alix_scott said...

Those commercials make me teary too. I love it. I just look them up on youtube for hours....literally.

chip said...

Being a magician's assistant sounds so awesome!But it would be better to be a witch. Like, Hermione-style, not green-skin-and-warts-on-your-nose-style.