I've Been Dreaming...

So like, I guess like today I'm supposed to like talk about my favorite date or something like.

Wait no! NO! ARGH I keep messing this up! I did the same thing yesterday!

Today I'm supposed to talk about what my dream date would be. Something like that.

Alright. So. Boys. Put your reading eyes on and your attention hat on and take off the shy gloves and get your dating jacket on.

First, I'd like the morning to start pretty early. I want to cook breakfast with you. I love breakfast. Well... ok maybe I don't love breakfast as a meal so much, but I love breakfast food. And I love cooking. And I love cooking with you.

And then we eat!

And then we get matching sun glasses. Just because I love you THAT much.

And then we go to Lagoon or something! I hate Lagoon actually... but you know, any amusement park is great. Maybe not even an amusement park! You know, I'd be fine with a county fair or something. As long as there is a ferris wheel there.

Because you guessed it... we're riding that ride. We're gonna ride the ferris wheel.

It is my dream to be proposed to on a ferris wheel... so no pressure or anything... Haha! No! Really. No pressure. I just want to ride the ferris wheel with you. I'm just letting you know that for future reference.

Also, let's have a camera with us? Let's take lots of pictures.

But even though we have a camera... a photo booth must needs be involved. Just because.

We can have a picnic. And wind the day down by watching a movie together. Can we watch UP? Please? Well... you know... I guess since we did so much of what I wanted to do, you can pick the movie. Because I like you THAT much. It's pretty serious.

Oh also, I want you to do this all in a surprise type manner. I don't want to know what we're doing. I'll probably guess but... I don't want to know. But just know that when you wake  me up in the morning, however it be, by throwing things at me from my doorway or calling me or something... give me enough time to get ready in the morning. Like.... 60-90 minutes. And then I'll like you forever.

And that is my dream date.

Too bad no guys read this blog.

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Mmmmk thanks love yah dahling.  


Natasha Louise said...

Me and my man had our first kiss on a ferris wheel.. just sayin :P

chip said...

That's an awesome pic of a ferris wheel? Did you take it?