Scatter Sunshine!

My roommates are moved in! I'm so happy. We're pretty much BFF. Like. Yeah. Totes. We're going to be the party house for sure, you betta be jealous.

Today has been a really great day! The sun is kinda gone, so I've been working on bringing some back somehow. It's not really cold... it's just all cloudy! I went on a walk around noon today, and noticed all these pretty yellow flowers scattered all over!

Dandy lions! And pretty yellow flowers that grow on sticks! And the sticks grow on bushes!

Here's the story of the cat. 

My neighbors have a cat.

It's a little black cat.

And it's the most sociable cat I've ever met.

The first time I saw it, it was running up the steps of my house, and it wrapped itself around my feet and followed me everywhere.

The second time I saw it, it was nice and sunny outside! I though "Hmm... I'd like to open my windows!" So I opened my windows, sat at my dining table, and did homework. The next thing I hear is a little "Meeeow!" I turned around and the cat is sitting next to me. It climbed through the window.

I put it back out on the window sill, closed the window to just a crack so it wouldn't come through, and watched as it tried to shove it's head through the crack.

Yesterday one of my roommates was unloading her car. She brought a bunch of stuff inside, put it in her room, and went back out to her car. I heard her scream, followed by a lot of yelling "Get out get out get out!" I guess the cat had climbed into her car and tried to fall asleep on her pillows.

Yeah. I figure the best thing to do in a situation like this is pretend like the cat doesn't exist. Maybe then it'll stop trying to live with us.

I got my necklace today from Brooklyn Thread! I won it in a Busy Bee Giveaway -- Pretty stinkin happy right now. I think I'll wear this necklace every day for the rest of my life. Yep.


Jenna said...

i love the sunshine too!
about the cat. lame. i dislike cats, lots and lots.
way way cute necklace.

Kellie said...

Pretty yellow flowers that grow on sticks that are on bushes are called FORSYTHIA!! Got it? you are so funny. We have some of those pretty yellow flowers planted next door, you know. Maybe I need to cut some and bring them in, huh?

Kat Ly said...

You should do your own giveaway for that cute necklace you won from a giveaway... redo a giveaway!! hahahahha it' so cute!! i want i want i want i want i want.

candice said...

Your posts are so fun and I love them. Also, I'm very jealous of your roommates, I wish mine were awesome but most are family and the couple that weren't moved out because they were mentally insane, (I'm not kidding, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.)

chip said...

I love that necklace! And the cat sounds awesome, most of the cats I've met aren't that friendly.