Windy Day in Cincinnati

I don't really live in Cincinnati. But I am forever envious, because I'm pretty sure it wins the contest of "funnest place to say." I as of yet am undecided on whether or not it's the "funnest place to sTay" because I've never stayed there, but we'll pretend like it's pretty cool.

It's pretty cool.

I just finished my very last essay! In the last.... two days (Monday and Today) I have edited a 15 page essay, written two 2 page essays, and two 3 page essays. Fist bump to my brain! Yeah!

The bipolar weather continues. I left for school, it was snowing. I caught trax. It was hailing. I got off trax one stop later. It was sunny! After Institute, it looked like it had never rained, but it was bitter cold. By the time I caught the bus and got to my next class, it alternated between snow and sun. When I walked home, it was beautiful and cold. When I shut my front door, it was hailing.


What a way to spend one of my last days of school! Up next: Two light weight exams, and then a Summer full of Spanish class and work. And Marching Band. And family. 

What are your super duper terrific-or-otherwise Summer plans?

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chip said...

Marching band sectionals. Oh yeah, and camp. And more sectionals. And a Colorado vacation. Sectionals. Fulfilling my comment mission. Uh, sectionals?