Just a Friendly Word of Advice

Just click play on that video. You don't even have to watch it. Just listen to the song as you read this blog post.

Today showed promise of being awesome! I woke up on time. I watched Glee this morning. I had toast for breakfast. No stuff was coming out of the sky. Things were made exponentially better when I received this text from my roommate, whence printing essays.

It makes more sense if you watch this.

I headed out to my very last class: dance. Today we did flash mobs. At the end, it was a little sad. We all had a big group hug, and exchanged numbers with everyone, then took a family picture. 

We look so modern! 

This was in the Stadium parking lot... strange things are afoot. 

Yes, that is a billion semi trucks.

And then I realized it was the last day of school! Until the Summer semester starts.... Doesn't feel much like the last day of school I guess! But hey. Whatevs.

And now I'm an expert on college, since I've done one year.

Advice time!

Read Rate My Professor. If it says that the professor is the hardest one in the entire school and will make your life a nightmare don't think "Pshhhh... wusses." Listen to them. They're probably right.

Take classes that are fun for you. Otherwise you might go insane.

Make friends. It makes a world of difference. 

Don't wear Toms on rainy days. Unless they're water proof.

Going with above... you see that huge awesome giant puddle of glory? Don't ride your scooter through it. It's not as fun as it looks.

Going with above.... you see that scooter in the grocery store? Get it. It makes a world of difference.

Scooters are not water proof. 

Don't procrastinate. 

Keep your syllabus.

Don't eat junk food every day and fall prey to the freshman fifteen. 

Don't try and convince people you're British. 

The best ratio for key chains to keys on your key ring is 1514392u39xq02z: 1

Get a Smiths' card.

As you will.

Shout out to my 100th follower! WOOT WOOT HOLLER! 



ShannonRose said...

You do know those semi's are for the Supercross this saturday, right? My Dad wanted us to skip out on my brother in laws birthday party and go.

chip said...

Freshman fifteen? Should I be aware of this?