Coming Up Cupcakes

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The moral of today's story is: "Don't take long naps on Sunday!"

Turns out I like having church at 1pm. It makes it so you can't take naps! If you take naps, it makes it hard to fall asleep at night, and you stare at your clock until 1am and remember you have to get up at 4:30am to catch the 5:15am train so you can be home by 6:30am and do everything you need to do to get to class at 9:00am.

At least that's what I've heard.

During the first five minutes of class my eyelids were having a race to see who could touch my shoes the fastest. Luckily my brain was competing as well, trying to stop either of them from winning. I looked like I was winking for a good half hour.

But I survived Spanish! And I came home! And I ate a cupcake because I deserved it.

Marion and I went to see dollar theater movie today. Those ROCK. Even if the movie is awful, it is exhilarating paying only one dollar to see a 2 hour long movie. It feels like the olden days. Now I want a chocolate malt!

Marion was getting some Indian food, and I went into the theater to save her a seat. I decided to just wait by the door for her, so we would find each other.

I looked over to the side, right by the door, where the lights on the ground outlined where the seats were.

My feet were getting tired. I would just sit by the door and wait.

I walked over.

And sat down.

And fell straight to the ground.

The lights were completely deceiving, there were no chairs to be seen! Looking back, I realize they must have been for wheelchairs.

Lucky for me, the entire theater saw me fall on my bum like a fool.

But hey, it makes for good bloggin!

Marion's car broke down, and since Emilee is gone most of the time, our house has been carless. (Dramatic music.) Do you know what that means? (Dramatic music.) Public transportation! Or worse! (Dramatic music.) Walking!


So we walked in the rain to FHE. It was about 2 miles. And it was ok... but not 2 miles ok. Then we walked back two miles, decided we were in need of comfort, and walked to buy a pizza.

So that's how things have been.

I need to mow the lawn so bad.

Annnddd kuh-thunk. My camera just fell behind my bed.

Sending in the retrieval team now.

Today's blog was brought to you by my camera phone. My SD card is officially broken, so no camera pictures until a new one is procured. 


Natasha Louise said...

Thanks for the shout out Lara! ;)

chip said...

Ah, I have done that way too many times before! It irks me so much.