R U A Fan 2?

I suffer from something called morning anger. Actually I just made that up. But it's kinda true. If I have to wake up before 8, I'm usually a little less than willing to go to school. So Tuesday, going to school, I was a little ticked. The rain didn't help. It started clearing up on my way back from school though...

Something was a buzz.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago, semis started pulling up. I learned what it was this last week, walking by with my roommates. There were 50 some-odd trucks in the parking lot. "This is all for U2, you know." Said Melissa.


Copters flew around all day, my dad texted me saying he was coming in to town. We thought we'd sit around my house and listen, but 7 rolled around and we decided to venture out into the madness.

Cars everywhere!

People walking all over the place!

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We walked around looking for a place to sit. Finally. We found it.

A hill right by the stadium. Grassy. You could hear everything. You could see them walking around on stage. 

It was a bit boring getting started. The Fray opened, but not much happened for an hour and a half after they left, except a lot of stats rolling across the screen. And then finally the sun was down and the show started.

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Holy freaking oh my gosh. It was amazing and wonderful and awesome in every way and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That stage! There is nothing it cannot do!

I AM A U2 FAN! Turns out! Yeah! Vertigo! With Or Without You! Beautiful Day! In The Name of Love! EVERYTHING!


Thank you Daddy for taking me. I loved it. Couldn't have been better.


Olive said...

I was there!!! I saw people sitting on that hill! =]

chip said...

Beautiful Day is my favorite song by U2! It came on Pandora and I was reminded of this post.