Fun Fun Fun Fun!

It's Wednesday! Wednesday! [Don't] Gotta do homework on Wednesday!


Spanish class is over! FOREVER!

Until tomorrow when I start Spanish 1020. So there's that. But I don't have homework tonight! So there's THAT!

This morning my bangs and my forehead were having their normal morning conversations, and my bangs said 

"Hey! Is it ok if we sit here?" 

And my forehead said "Sure! No problem!"

And my bangs said "Ok, let's just get out of this straightener first, and then we'll sit right down."

And then my bangs sat on my forehead, and my skin cried out in agony and my bangs said "Sorry, we forgot that we were roughly the temperature of the sun!"

And now I have a burn on my forehead. Which goes over well for work later today, since I have to pull my bangs back.



chip said...
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chip said...

Oh, yeah right Lara! We all know you're hiding that lightning bolt shaped scar that the crocodile gave you in that car crash.