Sounds Like Summer!

Saturday felt like Summer! My brother and sister came down to Salt Lake and we played and had FUN!

Oh, fun indeed.

First we met up at the Chalk Art festival down at the gateway, and had lunch and looked at all the pretty art.

I love Norman Rockwell.

It's kinda Harry Potter, and kinda Brady Bunch. But mostly hilarious.

The festival was Harry Potter themed! All the booths were named after houses, the stage was the "Sorting Hat Stage" and the characters were walking around. My favorite was Hagrid. I didn't realize he was supposed to be Hagrid at first, I just thought he was some freaky tall guy who kinda freaked me out, and then I realized what they were getting at.

Lunch at CPK. Our drinks were all lemonade. BUT DIFFERENT FLAVORS WHOOOOAH!!!!!! The colors were neat. And delicious.

I lived for these things when I was a kid. I almost bought one. Then I remembered that I liked having not cracked teeth.

The earnings from the festival were donated to Foster Care Utah. This says "Foster Parents are MAGICAL!" I thought so too. This was my favorite piece of art!

And then we went to Urban Outfitters, which is awesome in general. Their books? Their books! Awesome! Neat! Cool! I love it.

I wanted to buy Domo... Domo with a mustache... but then he'd miss his wife, and I didn't want to buy both Domos.... so instead I bought...

THE WORLD'S SMALLEST POST SET! It's tiny! Tiny news paper! Tiny boxes with tiny parchment paper! Tiny stamps! A magnifying glass! Tiny envelopes, tiny paper, a pen with a tiny point for tiny writing.

I love the mail.

I love little things.

It's suiting. 

Then we went home and took jump pictures and made gun shaped ice cubes.

Ok the end goodbye.


chip said...

That's a really cool theme with all the HP art! And I love the gun shaped ice cubes.

Kat Ly said...

You know which chalk art I liked that you posted up ;) hahah AAANNDD I HAVE THAT BOOK! "all my friends are dead" i love it!! cept i got it at barnes and noble :D

Amy said...

The Chalk Festival is amazzzing! I love it. And don't worry, we won't stop talking even though Gamma is over. Besides, we work across the street from each other! Can we please do a crosswalk 20 second chat soon? haha