Around The Block in a Storm

A storm rages on outside! It reminds me of being a kid.

I grew up in a house with a west facing window, high on the mountain, looking over all of the valley. It was the prime location at which to watch the sun set, to watch light spread across the valley in the morning until it reached our door, to watch fireworks, in which I could swear that I saw a hamburger shaped firework... and most of all to watch thunderstorms.

I loved the pretty lights, and the electric excitement, but deep down I was terrified. 

My parents reassured me that things would be ok. For you see, we had talking flowers in our front yard! Talking flowers are violets. They'd talk to the sky and reason with it and calm it down.

Talking flowers would make great friends and psychiatrists. 

[Oh my laws it's literally raining cats and dogs. Literally.]

My dad taught me the trick of watching the light, and then counting the seconds to the thunder to figure out how far away it was. The scariest was when you couldn't see the bolt race across the sky.

The scariest was when the entire house lit up and you had no idea where the thunder was.

So I held my breath and started counting.

If the thunder and lightening were ever under one second apart, I'm pretty sure the protocol was to gather your belongings and get in the car and move away because the lighting was wayyyyy too close.

And now the storm is gone. Dang it... back to a normal day!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

What was the coolest storm YOU were ever in?


Kellie said...

Pansies, dear. Not violets, but Pansies. :)

Belly B said...

Cool storm story! You really had me imagining the scene in my head :)
And that pie has got me DROOLING. It looks so perfect, like it could only exist in cartoons! ;)

<3 Belly B

chip said...

Haha. Shellfish. :)