The Ogventure

I grew up in this town called Ogden, and although you might not want to walk downtown by yourself in the wee hours of the night, I shall be forever fiercely proud of this town.

I spent the weekend in Ogden, and it was fiercely fun.

Rolled in on Thursday and was promptly picked up by my bff Julie! And my bff Cheryl was there as well. We helped Julie with wedding things, and later Julie and I went to get sushi.

I fiercely love sushi.

My family rolled back from Idaho the next day, a day full of fun and adventure! I don't remember quite what we did. But there was a lot of fun. And adventure.

The next day (That's today!) We woke up real early to go to the farmer's market. That is, my sister, my brother, and my bff Jackie and my bff Brittany. Here is product placement.

Ukulele Daily is the fiercely awesome band which I love. A few girls I went to High School with, have, in recent days, started a band. And it is nothing short of everything I love. So we went to listen to them play at the farmer's market!

I mean it 100 percent when I say that currently they are my favorite band. And not just because they're my friends. They ROCK.

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This baby was also a fan. He was very entranced. 

Also, I saw this guy walking around, and marveled at his bravery and strength. I don't think I could walk around with a picnic umbrella attached through my book bag to my pants!

Later we headed to the store to get a present for our dear friend Abby, who is to be wed in but a few weeks!

We didn't get soda. But we did get an awesome kit with every utensil you think you could need and more in it.

And at the bridal shower we had cupcakes which were awesome.

Hey you all! I'm throwing a bridal shower for my dear friend Julie in a month or so! Any ideas for an awesome party?

And now I'm headed back to SLC, which is pretty cool... maybe not AS cool... but pretty cool...

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McCall said...

For my friend's bachelorette party, we chipped in money she could use to buy lingerie at a shop we took her to! Also, everyone loved being able to chill and talk rather than play games. But that's just how my friends roll!