An appendix is inconvenient. It takes up space, and when it gets the slightest bit irritated it explodes and puts you in the hospital.

Wisdom teeth are inconvenient. They grow in at a time in life when you don't have much time to be put out of order for a few days, so the dentist schedules the removal right around your birthday. The teeth don't come peacefully either, they wrap themselves around your other teeth and throw a temper tantrum when the poor dentist tries to get them out.

Those are just two things that are inconvenient. I can't think of other things right now...

But for me, the entire existence of a snail seems inconvenient. They don't move too fast. They get stepped on really fast. The trek of a few inches across the sidewalk is one full of peril and unsurity.

And you don't want to run over them because you feel bad.

So you're scootering at 137 miles per hour down wet sidewalk on a slope that is roughly 90 degrees or more, and a little snail is making it's way across the sidewalk, and it puts you at an inconvenience. 

And you're left with no choice but to swerve to the side into the grass, fly off your scooter and hit a tree.

Or something like that.

That little guy is lucky.


Christi Lynn said...

love this post!

megan danielle said...

did you take that picture?! it is awesome i must say.

chip said...

That IS a great picture. Scootering at 137 mph?! I'm jealous.