Yesterday I was all like

"Lol. Woe is like me. I has no guitar."

And awesome-sauce follower chip was all like

And then I was all like :O

Because I remembered that my dad had a ukulele that nobody used.

It was sitting on top of a bookshelf.

Getting dusty.

So I pulled it out. 

And learned how to play the uke at 11pm.

Right now I can play these hit songs!

"All I Want Is You"

(Half of) "Somewhere over the Rainbow"


"My Dog Has Fleas"

Little known fact, I played the uke when I was about 5. And my one hit wonderdome knew one hit, "My Dog Has Fleas". 

This song goes G-C-E-A (i.e. strum the strings one at a time with no fingers down.)

And you sing one word to a note:

"My Dog has fleas.
The fleas have peas. 
The peas have worms.
The worms have germs.
The germs have school on Saturday."

The last line there follows the note progression of a little snippet from rock around the clock. 
("We're gonna have some fun when the clock strikes one")

I might be the next big thing.


chip said...

YES! You rock. You know what would make you even cooler? A video of you playing the ukulele.

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

How cool is that? So fun! :)

Kellie said...

You make me laugh. That song never really made me laugh until you admitted to writing it! Silly girl you.