Mainly the Halloween one. 
I'll put of pictures of my costume later, I just have to take them first.

Currently I am... waiting for my roommate to finish cooking pizza so that I can cook what I was ALREADY cooking when the kitchen was taken over. (I get antsy when someone takes my kitchen from me. Usurps it.) 

To take up time, I am watching Hocus Pocus.

I have strong feelings for this movie. Last time I saw it I was 7 or something, and I've forgotten about it since then. 

Until this year, when someone put a picture of it on Pinterest. And I was hit with memories.

Kind of. All I remember is watching it, and having strong feelings for it.

But I don't remember if I think it's hilarious, or I think it's a billion percent terrifying.

I'm just a little into it right now, but my instincts are telling me I'm terrified of this movie.

UPDATE: Yep. That's definitely terror. I was terrified of this movie when I was younger.

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