In Recent Times

Things. Have been.

So very awesome.

The very awesomest.

Things have been so awesome I haven't blogged.

Because that's how awesome things have been.

Super awesome.

The best.



I'm not going to blog about the awesomest, because you can infer from this:

Anyways. Now I'm in Arizona. We packed up a car yesterday, my family and I, and made the 14 hour trip to Arizona for Christmas. 

This is what you can hear if you're in a car with us for that long.

Brian: So you know engines? 

Lara: *Cackle* Like... Native Americans?

Brian: Train engines.

Lara: You can train engines?!

Brian: Well, they can make them run on anything these days.

Becca: Hahaa! Like corn?

Lara: They can run on water.... they're really fast at running.

Brian: Like oil.
And coal.

Becca: They can run on air....

Brian: And spices. They can even run on spices.

Lara: That makes sense. Columbus came to the Americas for spices, right?

Brian: Well, Mussolini got the trains to run on Thyme.

Brian: When people ask to borrow my Nook, I put the Bible on it and hand it to them.

Lara: You can be a missionary like that! Hand them the Book of Mormon, "This book changed my life!"

Brian: Yeah. It'll be the only book on the Nook.

.... My.... Nook of Mormon.

Mom: I made snoup yesterday....

Lara: DANG IT! I forgot my big purse!

Brian: Oh, I have a purse you can borrow girl!

Lara: No, shut up. I really needed it so I could put my bowl game stuff in it....

Brian: You know I still have a purse for you girl.

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