I've got the blooooooos.

I feel like singing like a black man today. Well no, just Lois Armstrong. I don't know why. I think it's because it's raining. Probably. And mostly right now I'm so stinkin tired. My soul feels tired. I'm suffering from a lack of sleep I think. 

Remember how last semester class didn't start until 12 so I could sleep in until the cows came home? Well NOT ANYMORE. Now I have to wake up at ~7 every day. That's stinkin early. I've gotta get used to it. I want to be a teacher. And school doesn't start at 12 for childrens.

Ugh my life.


No actually things are pretty good. I've been hmm.... what have I been doing.  A lot. I've been so busy lately, and it feels good. Productivity. All that stuff. 

What are some other things to say...


You say some stuff now.

OH I'll tell a joke. Thank you to Josh's little brother, Jacob.

Why couldn't the pirates play cards?

Because the captain was standing on the deck.



Teagan said...

That building you can see out the window there? The one not obscured by chairs? That's where I am, right this very moment.

Teagan said...

Also, (I'm posting twice about the picture and nothing else,) that's a weird angle from EH where you can see SS and ME but not WB.

Abigail said...

Scott and I were sitting on those stray chairs yesterday! He said it was a good place to survey our domain.